ActiveLIC, one of a series of Active'X' visualization systems (among others like ActiveIBFV and ActiveFLOVE) developed by Zhanping Liu at MSU / ERC / VAIL on the basis of a Unix version, is a demonstration program of LIC (Line Integral Convolution). In ACM SigGraph 93, Cabral and Leedom [33] proposed LIC, a texture synthesis technique for dense flow visualization. ActiveLIC may be used to visualize 2D steady flows, supporting:


Pseudo Flows: Saddle / Spiraling / Vortex / Repelling
Real Flows: Binary / Text
Noise: White Noise / Sparse Noise
Kernels: Box / Ramp / Hanning
Color Mapping: Grey-scale / Rainbow / Colorwheel
Basic LIC / OLIC / MagLIC / Enhanced LIC / Progressive LIC
Post-process: Equalization / High Pass Filtering
Drag / Flip / ROI / Zoom / Animation
Image Blurring and Warping
Flow Visualization
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