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ActiveIBFV, one of a series of Active'X' visualization systems (among others like ActiveLIC and ActiveFLOVE) developed by Zhanping Liu at MSU / ERC / VAIL, is a demonstration program of IBFV(Image Based Flow Visualization). In ACM SigGraph 02, Jarke J. van Wijk proposed IBFV [53] in which a sequence of temporally-spatially low-pass filtered noise textures are advected via forward texture mapping on warped meshes in combination with blending of successive frames (Figure 1). This easy-to-implement, efficient, versatile method can emulate a wide variety of flow visualization techniques such as arrow plots, particle tracing, timelines, topological analysis, spot noise, LIC, and dye advection / smearing at high frame rates using basic hardware features. In addition to this capability, interactive flow synthesis is supported by ActiveIBFV (Figure 2).
Figure 1. The pipeline of IBFV (© Zhanping Liu).
Figure 2. ActiveIBFV in support of interactive flow visualization and synthesis.
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