Interactive View-Driven Evenly Spaced Streamline Placement
(Proceedings of IS & T / SPIE Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis, Jan 27-31, San Jose, CA, 2008. 68090A pp. 1-12)
Zhanping  Liu
Robert J. Moorhead II
Abstract: This paper presents an Interactive View-Driven Evenly Spaced Streamline placement algorithm (IVDESS) for 3D explorative visualization of large complex planar or curved surface flows. IVDESS rapidly performs accurate streamline integration in 3D physical space, i.e., the flow field, while achieving high quality streamline density control in 2D view space, i.e., the output image. The correspondence between the two spaces is established by using a projection-unprojection pair constituted through geometric surface rendering. An inter-frame physical-space seeding strategy based on streamline reuse+lengthening is adopted, on top of intra-frame view-space seeding, to not only enable coherent flow navigation but also speedup placement generation. IVDESS employs a view-sensitive streamline representation that is well suited for streamline reuse, lengthening, and rendering. In addition, it avoids temporal incoherence caused by streamline splitting and jaggy lines caused by unprojection errors. Our algorithm can run at interactive frame rates (9FPS for placement generation) to allow for 3D exploration of surface flows with smooth evolution of high-density (1%) evenly spaced streamlines in a large window (990 x 700 pixels) on an ordinary PC without either pre-processing or GPU support.
Keyords: Flow visualization, evenly spaced streamlines, streamline placement, seeding strategy, view-dependent, image space, physical space, temporal coherence, perspective projection, off-screen rendering.
This web page provides color figures and images as supplemental materials to the B/W-printed paper in the SPIE VDA proceedings. Also included are two Win-zipped AVI movies accompanying the work, one for IVDESS-TCSS (IVDESS with a Temporally Coherent Seeding Strategy, 45.0MB) and the other for IVDESS-TISS (IVDESS with a Temporally Incoherent Seeding Strategy, 46.5MB). Click here for the PPT presentation of the paper. IVDESS is closely built on our ADVESS (Advanced Evenly Spaced Streamline placement) algorithm.
Here are Fig. 2a and Fig. 2b in EPS format.
Figure 7a (Win-zipped EPS file).
Figure 7b (Win-zipped EPS file).
Figure 8 (EPS file).
Figure 9 (EPS file).
Figure 10 (EPS file).
Figure 11 (EPS file).

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